Fuel Delivery

Long Island's Source for Fuel Delivery!



At Mendenhall Fuel, you get prompt fuel delivery for an affordable price! In addition, we offer a few extras, such as automatic delivery and a budget plan. Keep reading to learn more!


Heating Oil & Kerosene Delivery

We’re proud to offer homeowners both heating oil and kerosene delivery to suit their home heating and other fueling needs. Read more about the fuels we deliver below, and call us with any questions you may have.


Heating Oil 

#2 heating oil, or Oilheat, is a clean-burning home heating fuel featuring a low sulfur count (15 ppm), and an abundant and reliable supply. Many homes across Long Island use heating oil for their homes due to its long-standing record of safety and friendliness toward the environment. Furthermore, Mendenhall Fuel offers Bioheat Fuel – a clean, green alternative to traditional home heating oil. Read more about it further below.



Kerosene is a common type of fuel that’s ideal for heating homes and businesses, as well as keeping any standby generators running. Kerosene also holds up well during the cold weather, as it doesn’t gel when the temperatures start dropping, which is great for homes on Long Island!


Bioheat® Fuel

Every drop of heating oil delivered by Mendenhall Fuel contains a renewable biofuel component, or biodiesel, making it what's commonly referred to as Bioheat fuel. Bioheat fuel is the latest evolution in home heating oil, providing homeowners on Long Island with an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional heating oil. Made by blending ultra-low sulfur heating oil with renewable biodiesel, Bioheat fuel helps keep heating equipment running efficiently, while reducing the amount of greenhouse gases being released into the environment.

Automatic Fuel Delivery

Based on the degree-day system, deliveries are made on an automatic schedule. You can feel confident you will not run out of fuel, without the bother of calling for a delivery. 

Budget Plan

Our Budget Plan begins in July of each year. Yearly costs for deliveries and service contract are spread out and charged over an 11 month period with equal monthly payments.