Heating Equipment

Heating Equipment from Our Family to Yours

Don’t let a Long Island winter get the best of you! At Mendenhall Fuel, you have access to the latest in home heating technology. We install, service, and repair it all ourselves – we’re a one-stop shop for home heating!


scultel2.jpgSecure Heat Home Monitoring System protects your home in 3 critical ways.

  1. It protects against heat loss.
  2. With optional oil burner sensor, it protects against prolonged shutdown of your heating system caused by mechanical failure.
  3. It monitors your fuel inventory to give you absolute protection against a runout of fuel in your storage tank.

Just like a security alarm, it pages us (your fuel supplier) over the telephone line should your home heating need attention in the event of a temperature drop indoors, burner failure, or low fuel level. Secure Heat Home Monitoring System dials out, it tells our computer your name and address and what type of attention your heating system needs. It’s all automatic. You don’t have to do a thing. What’s more, you don’t even have to be home!

Secure Heat Home Monitoring System is the size of a home smoke detector.

The Secure Heat Home Monitoring System is FCC-approved and will not interfere with your use of the phone.

service3.jpgThe Buderus G115 boiler is designed and built to the highest industry standards. It extracts and delivers more heat from every fuel dollar. Acknowledged as the leader in high-efficiency, low emission hydronic heating, Buderus offers innovative design, quality manufacturing, exceptional efficiency and performance.

service5.jpgSince 1946 THERMO PRIDE has listened to consumers and found new ways to satisfy their demands for the best, most reliable, and efficient oil-fired furnaces. As a homeowner, you buy a furnace because you want a warm, comfortable home. But, you also want one that will efficiently use fuel, be dependable, easy to maintain and last a long time. We have concentrated our efforts on product improvement to assure you the highest quality. Lifetime Guarantee.

service2.jpgBock Models 32E, 51E, 32PP and 51PP are the highest quality residential oil fired water heaters. They surpass industry standards for both combustion and thermal efficiencies. As a result, annual operating costs are greatly reduced.

Only Bock water heaters have the patented, all steel multi-finned Turboflue. It is the industry’s most advanced heat exchanger. No other concept transfers heat faster or more efficiently. Turboflue is welded to the center of the tank at the top and bottom. This construction method provides a very strong, continuous heating surface. Area where lime and sediment collect are limited and easily maintained. The outstanding heat retention of the Turboflue and thick insulation dramatically reduce standby loss.

service4.jpgPhase III’s exclusive design allows for the continuous production of domestic hot water without the use of a coil. Hot water from any boiler is circulated around a corrugated stainless steel tank for safe, efficient hot water at the lowest possible operating cost.

We don’t have to tell you that it can get cold during a Long Island winter, but we do want to let you know that if you happen to experience a no-heat emergency in the middle of a chilly night, our technicians will be there for you, 24/7/365! We’re always on call at Mendenhall!

If you’re currently experiencing a no-heat emergency, please don’t use the contact form found on this website. Instead, call our office directly for immediate assistance: 631-653-5000.

Service contracts are available for your home heating system! Under a Mendenhall Fuel service contract, your system will continue to operate efficiently year after year and save you money on maintenance. To learn more, or to sign up for a service contract, give us a call at 631-653-5000 or contact us online.