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Special Offers from Mendenhall Fuel

Our customers work hard for their money, and so we do our best to provide special offers to help them save their energy dollars! Check out our special offers below, and come back frequently for any savings updates!

Special for New Customers

5 Year Free Service Contract on heating systems with Automatic delivery.

Free Service Contract

Receive a FREE 1 year service contract with Automatic Delivery. Contract is valid once you have received your 1st fill-up, successfully completed an inspection of your heating unit, and are on an Automatic Delivery Schedule.

Capped Plan

Protect your heating costs by purchasing a capped price plan! Your price per gallon will be capped at a special price, and never exceed that price all season long. And if the daily price of oil drops, you'll pay that lower price instead of your capped price. Call (631) 653-5000 and ask about our capped plan today!

Prompt Payment Discount

.05 cents per gallon discount on fuel bills paid within seven days of delivery. (Budget accounts automatically receive the Prompt Pay Discount when a delivery is made).

Senior Citizen Discount

Additional 1 cent per gallon discount on all of your fuel bills.

How to find us

Contact Info

575 Montauk Highway East Quogue NY 11942